Job Levels

Gogiga Job Levels

Job Levels:  Job Levels are designed to control access to exclusive features.

We are committed to support those who make Gogiga great so we have developed an automated system that dynamically and individually ranks sellers based on two parameters: Delivery Time & Customer Rating. If you deliver your Jobs on time and if your customer ratings are above 90% positive you will be able to make more money and your Jobs will be promoted by us for you! Depending on your Job Level you have available different Job price options.

You are in control: Deliver quality Jobs on time, get great customer ratings and hold the key to success on Gogiga!

Gogiga admin has the power to manually change Job Levels for example in response to complaints and payment related issues. The system automatically downgrades accounts to the next lower level if the seller's customer rating drops below 90% positive or if a Job was delivered late.

Gig Level 1Job Level 1: All new accounts start at Level 1. This is the entry level where you can offer Jobs for $5-$100 bucks. You must complete your first 10 Jobs on time and with a positive customer rating before you can advance to the next level.


Gig Level 2Job Level 2: Once you have successfully completed your first 10 Jobs on time and if you have received a 90% (or better) positive customer rating, your account automatically gets upgraded to Level 2. You can sell Jobs from $5 to $500 on Job Level 2 and we'll promote your Jobs for you through Twitter, Facebook and more.

Gig Level 3Job Level 3: Once you have successfully completed 25 Jobs on time and if you have maintained a spotless record with at least a 90% positive ratings you will be upgraded to Level 3. Level 3 is the account for trusted Gogiga users. 


Compare Job Levels & Features Offered:

  Gig Level 1 Gig Level 2 Gig Level 3
Sell Jobs for:  $5-$100 bucks $5-$500 bucks $5-$1000 bucks
Get paid:  14 days after Job completion 14 days after Job completion 14 days after Job completion
New Jobs limit per day:  10 50 unlimited


New sellers start at Level 1 and have to complete 10 Jobs on time, with at leat 90% postive customer rating. If your goal is met, the system automatically upgrades your account to Level 2 which allows you to sell Jobs priced from $5 to $500 bucks. At Level 3, Jobs can be priced from $5 to $1000.


Sellers at Level 1,2 and 3 will be able to withdraw funds 14 days after successful completion of a Job.  All for a flat fee of just $1, you keep most of the money you earned.  WOW